How to Get Rid of the Markup Area in Word 2007

By Greg Lindberg

You can edit a document in Microsoft Word 2007, adding comments for another user to apply changes. Using Word's Track Changes feature, the changes you make to a document appear as marked-up areas. For the changes to be applied, another user must accept or reject each of the changes. When accepting or rejecting changes to remove the markups, it is important to carefully review each change to make sure you agree with it.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word 2007 on your computer, open a document and select the "Review" tab.

Step 2

Click the arrow next to the "Show Markup" field in the "Tracking" group.

Step 3

Make sure a check mark is placed next to the following fields: "Comments," "Ink Annotations," "Insertions and Deletions," "Formatting" and "Reviewers." Select the field if a check mark isn't present.

Step 4

Click the "Review" tab, and then click the "Next" button from the "Changes" group. Click the "Accept" option to accept the change or the "Reject" button to decline the change.

Step 5

Go through all of the comments and accept or reject each change until all of the markup is completely removed.