How to Get Rid of the MyWebSearch Bar

By Shae Hazelton

My Web Search is a program that creates a toolbar on your Internet browser. Most computer users find this program to be a nuisance, because the program also collects Internet usage information and it leads to pop-up advertising on your computer. While the company that creates the toolbar attests that they do not collect vital information from your computer, it can still be unsettling to know some program is tracking your Internet usage. If you feel uncomfortable about having this program on your computer, it is possible to remove it safely and without much hassle.

Step 1

Close all instances of your Internet browser. If the toolbar is active when you try to remove it, you may find that you cannot remove it until you close your Internet browser.

Step 2

Open your Start menu at the lower left-hand side of your desktop. Search the Start menu for the “Control Panel” option and select it.

Step 3

Click the “Add or Remove Programs” option in your Control Panel window. It may take a moment for the new page to populate, but when it does, you will see a full list of the software on your computer.

Step 4

Scroll through the list of the software until you come upon a program titled “My Web Search Toolbar” (other similar programs you should remove go by “My Way Speedbar” or “Search Assistant”). Click on the name of the toolbar.

Step 5

Click on the “Remove” button to the right of the program name. Confirm that you wish to remove the program on any confirmation windows that appear. Close your “Add and Remove Programs" window after you finish removing the toolbar.

Step 6

Access your “Program Files” folder from your Start menu. Scan through the listed files for anything titled “FunWebProducts” or “MyWebSearch.” Right-click those files and delete them.

Step 7

Restart your computer to completely remove the programs from your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you will need to locate the “Uninstall a Program” option under “Programs” on your control panel if your control panel is set to category mode, or the “Programs and Features” options if it is not. After you locate the MyWebSearch program, select it and click the “Uninstall” option located above the list of programs.
  • Use a registry-cleaning program to remove any setting or configuration files left by the program. A registry-cleaning program will remove any unused or problematic information left in the Windows Registry (a large database containing information about all of your computers settings and program options).
  • Thoroughly read all documentation provided with your registry-cleaning software. Some companies’ programs may include additional software designed to advertise or track Internet usage. Find another registry-cleaning program if the program requires advertising software.