How to Get Rid of the Side Ad When Viewing MSN Mail

By William McCoy

Revenue from advertisements helps keep websites up and running, but a page cluttered with ads can be a challenge to navigate. MSN Mail, otherwise known as Hotmail, is an email website that features a vertical advertisement down the right side of the page. The result is a condensed version of your inbox or other email folders. If you don't want the ad on the screen, you can easily remove it.

Step 1

Scroll down with your mouse until you reach the bottom of the side advertisement. In gray lettering, there's a small button that reads, "Close ad." Click this button and the side ad will disappear. Once it disappears, your inbox and other folders will extend across the screen, filling the spot left by the ad. However, when you click to open a different email folder, or refresh your inbox, the ad reappears. You can close it again or take more permanent measures.

Step 2

Search for the Webmail Ad Blocker if you use Google Chrome or Firefox as an Internet browser. This ad-blocking program will not work on other browsers. To find this program, search for it online or see the "Resources" section below.

Step 3

Press the "Install" button on the Webmail Ad Blocker screen to install the program. It will block out side ads on Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. Once you press "Install," there are no other buttons to press or steps to follow. The program is downloaded immediately onto your browser.

Step 4

Open your Hotmail account in Google Chrome or Firefox. The side ad should no longer be present.