How to Get Rid of TV Glare

By Jeff Grundy

Modern LCD, LED and plasma televisions produce images that are much clearer and sharper than older tube-based or projection TVs. However, even the best TVs suffer from screen glare when in a room exposed to direct sunlight or one with bright interior lighting. Of course, the simplest solution to screen glare is to place the TV in a pitch-dark room. If you are like most people, removing all sources of light in your viewing room is not an option. Nevertheless, a few simple methods can help screen glare on your TV considerably.

Step 1

Place your TV in a location that faces away from windows with direct sunlight exposure. If impractical to place the TV in a position where the back of the unit faces the wall with the window, position the television at a 30- to 45-degree angle in a corner that faces the room and minimizes direct sunlight on the screen.

Step 2

Replace thin or light-colored blinds, drapes or shades with thicker or darker window coverings that block out more of the sun’s rays during the day and prevent outside light from entering the room at night.

Step 3

Position lamps or overhead lights so they are to the side of or behind the television. The less lighting in front of the television, the less the amount of glare on the TV screen. If you must use lighting in front of the screen, try to angle the light source so that it does not shine directly onto the TV screen.

Step 4

Place the TV inside an entertainment cabinet or rack. The walls and shelves on the top and sides of the TV help to block light and lessen the amount of glare on the TV screen.

Step 5

Contact the manufacturer of your TV and ask if they have a glare guard or cover available for your particular TV model. Glare guards are plastic covers that fit over the screen of your TV and help to minimize screen glare. Many makers of modern LED and LCD TVs offer glare guards for their televisions and you can usually order one from the manufacturer website or over the phone.