How to Get SAP Training

By Palmer Owyoung

SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing and is a German-based company that was started in 1972. They build enterprise application software that is designed to help a company to run more efficiently. Their programs tend to be quite complex and so require extensive training to learn. Many people spend their entire careers just training others on how to use SAP software applications.

Step 1

Get training at This website provides e-books which are useful for familiarizing yourself and understanding SAP. This site also provides you with appropriate software, and tools that will help you in your SAP training. Some of the courses offered by SAP e-learning are foundation courses, business processes courses, role-based courses, business solutions and technology courses, SAP business objects courses, and online knowledge products.

Step 2

Get free SAP training at This website provides free SAP training with videos and tutorials. The SAP training offered in this site includes courses on the introduction to SAP, SAP session, SAP GUI (graphic user interface), SAP database, customizing SAP display, navigation, assembling the project team, implementation tools, implementation dos and donts, SAP NetWeaver, customer relationship management, ERP central component, financials, human capital, and administration.

Step 3

Focus your training on these sites. Read the e-books and articles offered and watch their video tutorials.

Step 4

Take the certification exam offered by This will give you additional credentials when applying for a job. Apply what you have learned on your SAP training by requesting to work on a project.