How to Get Songs Off Your iPod for Free

By Techwalla Contributor

You've purchased your music from the iTunes Store and downloaded it onto your iPod. Contrary to popular belief, Apple allows you to back up your iPod's tunes onto your computer at no extra charge. Just register your computer with the iTunes Store and transfer your music from your iPod to your computer for free.

Things You'll Need

  • computer
  • ipod

Step 1

Open iTunes on your computer. Go to the "Store" menu and click "Authorize Computer." Sign in to your iTunes account using either your Apple or AOL ID and password. Click "Authorize."

Step 2

USB cable your iPod to your computer. Tap the "Transfer Purchases" button that pops up when you connect the two devices. Go to the "File" menu and click "Transfer Purchases from [your iPod name]" if you don't see a pop-up box.

Step 3

Wait while iTunes copies the music from your iPod onto your computer. Disconnect your iPod properly when the transfer is complete.

Step 4

Sign into your next iTunes account if you have multiple accounts and authorize your computer again. Transfer the music from that account off of your iPod onto your computer using the same steps.

Tips & Warnings

  • Apple deliberately makes it hard to transfer songs from one Ipod to another, and also over multiple computers. This will in no way void any warranties, but you should know that songs downloaded from iTunes are for use only with ONE iPod. Take your friend's songs at your own risk.