How to Get Sprint to Cancel Your Contract

By Chris Miksen

Sometimes a contract looks a lot better in the beginning than at the end. If you've reached that point with your Sprint contract, you may be wondering how you can cancel it. Unless there is a valid reason for cancellation, such as changes to your rates, you will have to pay an early termination fee to cancel your contract. Sprint's termination fee is prorated, which means the termination fee decreases as your remaining contract term decreases.

Step 1

Look over your past three billing statements and look for any price changes. For example, make sure the price you pay per text message hasn't increased, or an administrative charge hasn't increased. If anything has changed, you may be able to cancel your contract without paying an early termination fee.

Step 2

Call Sprint's customer service number at 1-888-211-4727. Select an option that deals with your account, such as "Accounts and Services." Eventually the automated operator will put you through to a live customer service representative.

Step 3

Provide the customer representative with your account information, including your name, phone number and last four digits of your Social Security Number, to confirm your identity. Tell the customer service representative that you want to cancel your Sprint contract. If your rates changed, immediately mention that you want to cancel, due to a material change you were not notified about. If your rates did not change, then you will be billed an early termination fee.

Step 4

Provide the customer service representative with the rate change information. If you are told that you still must pay an early termination fee, ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. If the manager tells you the same, then your only option is to pay the early termination fee. The decision to let customers cancel without paying an early termination fee depends on how long ago the rate change was made and whether it truly applies to you or not.