How to Get Started on My New Laptop Computer

By FaithAnn Marie

Getting started on a new laptop computer can be overwhelming for anyone, especially the novice computer user. Regardless of your skill level or operating system used, by following the steps below you can learn how to safely and easily get started on your new laptop computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank CD
  • Antivirus Program
  • Spyware Program
  • Firewall Program
  • Personal Computer Software

Step 1

Read and save all the instructions included with your new laptop computer. Familiarize yourself with the proper care, maintenance and programs included.

Step 2

Install and charge your laptop battery to 100% capacity. Do not get started on your new laptop computer until the charging process is completed, which can take several hours. This will maximize the battery performance of your laptop.

Step 3

Turn on your new laptop and follow the startup instructions. Common information you will be asked to create is a user name, password and other user settings.

Step 4

Write down the product key for the operating system of your laptop computer. This information can be found in the control panel under either systems or properties. Store this information with your laptop instructions. If your laptop crashes, the product key will be a vital piece of information when reinstalling the operating system.

Step 5

Make a startup disk, which is a copy of your operating system. Open the control panel, go to add/remove programs and click create startup disk. If you are having difficulty creating a startup disk; consult the Microsoft Windows or Macintosh Web site from another computer. Store your startup disk with your instruction manuals and store all information in a safe, easy-to-access location.

Step 6

Install antivirus protection, spyware protection and firewall software programs. This may require the purchase of one or more pieces of software for your laptop, but is vital to keep your laptop and personal information safe when accessing the Internet.

Step 7

Setup your wireless connection. Open the control panel and select network connections. Open your firewall program and instruct it to allow only the signal from your wireless connection. If you have difficulty setting up your wireless connection, consult your Internet provider.

Step 8

Install your personal software programs. Installation can take several hours depending on how many programs you have to install.