How to Get the Battery Level on an iPhone Screen

By Jennifer Habersham

Like most cellular phones, the iPhone displays its current battery level at all times. Rather than relying on the fullness level of the battery icon to determine the iPhone's battery strength, users can see the exact percentage of battery life that is available. To help lengthen the life of the iPhone battery, only charge the phone when the battery is close to empty. Leaving an iPhone charging for extended periods of time will shorten the battery life.

Step 1

Unlock the iPhone by swiping your finger across the bottom of the screen.

Step 2

Look in the upper-right corner and locate the battery icon. The battery is white on the iPhone home screen, but it turns green when users are online or accessing an application. If the battery is a solid color, it is full. As the battery loses power, it will appear less full. When the battery life is low, the icon will turn red.

Step 3

Click on "Settings" (the icon has a gray box with a gear in the center) and scroll down to "General."

Step 4

Click on "General," then "Usage."

Step 5

Click "On" next to "Battery Percentage." The iPhone will display the battery icon and the percentage of battery life left.

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