How to Get the Norton Toolbar

By Erin McManaway

The Norton toolbar is a part of the Norton 360 software package, so you cannot install or download it separately. The toolbar offers a layer of security to your Internet browser by protecting you from entering fake and hazardous websites. It also safely encrypts your passwords and login identity, automatically fills out online forms with your ID information and automatically logs you into websites you commonly use based on your login information. Purchase and download the newest version of Norton 360 from the Norton website to set up your Norton toolbar.

Step 1

Go to the Norton website and sign up for a free account (see Resources).

Step 2

Log in to the Norton website, then navigate to the Norton 360 product page.

Step 3

Select the package you would like to purchase, then click "Add to Cart" to review your order.

Step 4

Click the "Continue" button to enter your billing information and place your order. You receive a confirmation email when the order is complete.

Step 5

Return to the Norton website and log in to your order account page.

Step 6

Click the "View" link next to your Norton 360 order, then click the "Download" button to download and install the program. The installation prompts you to close your Internet browser. The Norton toolbar automatically installs with Norton 360.

Step 7

Launch your Internet browser. The Norton toolbar is located in the toolbar section at the top of your browser.

Step 8

Click the "Norton" button on the toolbar, then click "Settings." This takes you to a window where you can set up your master password for the Norton toolbar, after which the toolbar becomes active on your browser.