How to Get the Otter Box Defender Off the iPhone

By Neil Edwards

The OtterBox Defender is a heavy-duty case for the the Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS, or 4. The OtterBox Defender is made up of a plastic shell that snaps onto the phone, a silicone skin that covers the shell and absorbs impact, and a screen protector. The OtterBox Defender case can be removed from your iPhone so you can clean your device or clean your case.

Step 1

Grab the corners of the silicone skin one at a time. Pull each corner away from the plastic shell and place it behind the shell to remove the skin.

Step 2

Place your fingernail into the three tabs on your OtterBox Defender shell and pry the two halves of the shell apart so you can see a slight gap between them. One tab is located on the top of the shell, and the other two are located on the left and right sides of the shell.

Step 3

Carefully pull the two halves of the OtterBox Defender plastic shell away from each other.

Step 4

Lift your iPhone out of the front half of your OtterBox Defender shell.