How to Get The Perfect Sample Email Signatures for professional, business or personal use

By Techwalla Contributor

There are many email signature generators and email signature creators, but having the right sample email signatures to get ideas from is the key to creating the email signature that is just perfect for you.If you are trying to create a business or professional email signature, then finding the right professional email signature sample is crucial. However, even if you will just be using the email signature for personal use, you will still want to find the example email signatures that match the persona you are trying to create.Read the steps below to help you find example email signatures that you can modify to create a signature all your own.

Step 1

** Determine the use of your email signature **Before you can find the right sample email signature to use, you must determine exactly how you plan on using your email signature. For example, if you will be using the signature for professional use you should determine if you will be using it for internal business between colleagues or business with outside contacts. A professional email signature for outside contacts may have to follow certain formats determined by your company that a signature for emails sent within a company does not need.

Step 2

** Read emails saved in your email boxes **Once you know what type of email signature you want to create, you can find sample email signatures by looking in your email boxes. Find example email signatures that are from contacts similar what you want to portray. For example, if you want a professional sample email signature for outside business contacts, look at your email box and find emails that outside business contacts sent you.If you want to create a signature for personal use, then check out sample signatures on emails that friends sent you.

Step 3

** Look through discussion groups and forums **Another great place to find example email signatures you can use is in discussion forums. Look at how people sign their names at the end of their forum messages. Again, make sure the messages you are reading are from the same professional orientation you are trying to create.

Step 4

** View email signatures or your "superiors" **Make sure to view some example signatures of those you look up to. For example, take a look at your managers' email signature in a professional company setting or a popular student's signature in a school setting. Figure out who it is who sets the trend and take a close look at their signature.

Step 5

** View wide variety of samples **Make sure to look at enough example signatures to give you a strong idea of what email signatures should look like and to make sure you won't be copying any particular sample signature exactly.

Step 6

** Test out signatures in email free email signature generators or creators **You can go ahead and create an email signature based on the samples you saw, but if you want a fancier signature, you may choose to use an email signature creator. Once you have looked at some sample email signatures and have an idea of what you want, you are ready to try out some ideas in a free email signature generator. The signature generators will help you pinpoint the type of signature design and technical format you are looking for. For example, you may want to create an HTML signature, a signature in a special color, add a picture, etc. As you use the signature creator, keep checking back on the sample email signatures you have seen to get an idea of which features others are using.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to find out if your company has a certain format standard before creating business email signatures