How to Get the Videos Off of a Dish DVR Onto a USB Drive

By Jack Gorman

So you want to know how to download videos from your Dish Network Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to a USB drive. A DVR can store a variety of shows and movies, but like anything with a hard drive, it will eventually run out of space and have to be emptied. A USB drive is a logical place to store these videos permanently, and this can be done relatively quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital Video Converter (DVC)
  • Computer with 1394 or FireWire port
  • 1394 or FireWire cable
  • RCA cables (yellow/red/white)

Step 1

Connect your FireWire cable to the FireWire port on your computer. Then connect the other end to the digital output port on your DVC.

Step 2

Connect the RCA cables to the analog input port on the DVC, and the other ends to the output ports on your Dish DVR. These will be color-coded appropriately.

Step 3

Set the DVC to "Analog In" to receive the signal from your DVR.

Step 4

Open up your movie recording program (Sonic RecordNow, Windows Movie Maker, etc). Set it to capture from a digital device. Hit the record button on your movie recording program, then play your show on your DVR at the same time. Your computer will record what the DVR is showing on your television screen, much like recording a show onto a VHS tape. When completed, press stop and save the file.

Step 5

Insert your USB drive into your computer and wait for a window (Windows) or icon (Mac) to appear for it. Click and drag the video file, and drop it onto the drive.

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