How to get to BIOS on a MSI Motherboard

By Mike Arneson

In order for a computer to perform at its best, changes may need to be made to various settings via its Basic Input Output System (BIOS). Accessing the BIOS is a simple task, but not all computers recognize the same command for entering the BIOS menu. This article will explain how to access the BIOS of a computer with an MSI motherboard.

Step 1

Turn on the monitor. Make sure that the monitor is warmed up and ready to display before powering on the computer.

Step 2

Turn on the computer.

Step 3

Observe the display on the monitor for any messages. Most MSI motherboards require that the "Delete" key ("DEL") be struck, and display a message that states "Strike the Delete key to enter setup."

Step 4

If the computer boots to its operating system without entering BIOS, restart the computer and strike the same key again during the startup. Do not switch the power off and back on to restart the computer, because that may damage your hard drive. Use the computer's restart option within the operating system or strike "CTRL"+"ALT"+"DEL" to reboot safely.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not attempt to make changes to your BIOS settings unless you are aware of what may happen. Changing your BIOS settings can cause unexpected problems that may be very difficult to remedy.