How to Get to iPod Touch Diagnostics

By Adele Eliot

If you've been having problems with your iPod or it has been malfunctioning recently, you might want to have a look at its diagnostics screen. This is a hidden menu on your iPod that can help diagnose problems with the device's software or hardware. Using this menu, you can test certain issues and try and identify what the problem might be. You will then know whether you need to take your iPod in for repair or whether the problem is something you can fix yourself.

Step 1

Connect your iPod to a power source. The diagnostic tests require a lot of battery power so could drain your device's battery very quickly.

Step 2

Restart your iPod by pressing the home button and sleep buttons at the same time. This will not restore your iPod to its factory settings and any files you have on your iPod, such as music and podcasts, won't be affected by the reset.

Step 3

Press the home and sleep buttons down together again when the Apple symbol appears and hold them for 10 seconds until the diagnostic menu comes onto the screen. It's important to carry out this step while the iPod is still booting up so it can go into diagnostics mode.

Step 4

Use the onscreen controls to choose which tests you'd like to run. To cancel the tests, press the home button.