How to Get to the BIOS on My Dell 8300

By David Clair

The Dell 8300, available in Dimension and XPS models, is a personal desktop computer designed for graphics, gaming and multimedia. The 8300 is equipped with a basic input/output system, or BIOS, utility. The BIOS allows the user to customize hardware configuration and settings. The default settings are appropriate for typical usage. If the system is customized, it may be necessary to change some BIOS options.

Step 1

Turn the Dell 8300 computer on. Restart the system if it is currently on.

Step 2

Press the "F2" key immediately when the "Dell" logo appears on the screen.

Step 3

Press the up and down arrow keys to select BIOS options. Press "Esc" to exit when finished.

Tips & Warnings

  • Press the "F1" key within the BIOS to see help information on the highlighted topic.