How to Get Videos Off Your iPhone 4

By Lynn Burbeck

As the owner of an iPhone 4, you can capture and edit short video clips using your phone's camera function. Unlike previous models of the iPhone, the iPhone 4 has two cameras -- one on the back of the phone and one on the front. This allows you to shoot videos of yourself, or others, depending on your preference. Because video clips use a lot of memory on the iPhone's hard drive, it is important to get the videos off the phone as soon as possible. You can do this either by emailing the video to yourself or syncing your phone directly with your computer to transfer them there.

Upload Video

Step 1

Click on the photo icon on your iPhone to select the video you want to send. This will bring you to all of the photos and videos saved on your device.

Step 2

Select the video you want by clicking on it.

Step 3

Press the icon in the lower left corner of the screen that looks like a small box with an arrow coming out of it. If you don't see any menu options, press anywhere on the screen and your options will appear.

Step 4

Click on the option you wish to use to get the video off your iPhone 4, which include email, text message and uploading the video to YouTube. If the video is under 60 seconds in length, you can email the video or send it via MMS message. Longer videos can be compressed and uploaded to YouTube or trimmed for delivery via text message or email.

Step 5

Trim the video as necessary by pressing your finger on either end of the video progress bar at the top of your iPhone's screen. This will cause a yellow sliding bar to appear, which you can manipulate to shorten the video and cut out frames in the beginning or end of the film. Press the yellow "Trim" button to save your change once you've completed the editing process.

Step 6

Follow the on-screen instructions to send the video via email or text message or to publish it to YouTube. In order to publish the video to YouTube, you must enter your username and password for YouTube in the popup box that appears on your iPhone screen. After you log in, follow the prompts to enter a title and description for your video prior to beginning the upload process.

Download via USB

Step 1

Plug your iPhone 4 into your computer with a USB cord. A display window will appear on your computer screen with options for downloading or viewing the files on your device.

Step 2

Click on the "view files" option to locate the video on your iPhone 4 and save it to your computer. Alternatively, you can choose to download all photos and videos from your device to a specified folder on your computer's hard drive.

Step 3

Delete the downloaded files from your iPhone to maximize the available space on your device.