How to Get Your Website to the First Page of Google Search Results

By Stephanie Ellen

Getting ranked on the first page of Google's search listings is no easy task. With thousands of competing websites all aiming for first page ranking, you have to invest time and money to get your website seen by Google users. Your popularity, or Page Rank, is determined by a variety of factors, including how many high quality links you have and which keywords or phrases are involved in those links.

Step 1

List your site with the Open Directory, DMOZ. This is one of the fastest ways to get your site listed with Google, although your site must have unique and useful content to be listed. You can also fill in Google's Add URL form or get linked from another website that is already in Google (see Resources).

Step 2

Get your site listed on other sites already listed high in Google's search rankings. Make sure the links have relevant keywords pointing to your site. For example, a link pointing to "tattoo removal" will rank the linked-to page higher in Google's search results rather than a link that says "click here."

Step 3

Create meaningful titles to your posts and pages. Make sure that the text in the HTML title tag contains meaningful keywords that convey the information contained in the page.

Step 4

Use keywords in your articles that describe the topic and are terms that Google users are likely to search for. Sprinkle keywords through your articles, but don't overdo it -- keep your articles to the point and don't insert random terms, or Google may think you are "Keyword Stuffing" and will not list your website in its search engine.

Tips & Warnings

  • None of the methods are guaranteed to get your website into Google's first page of search results. If you are competing with already established sites, it could take years of work for you to appear on the first page of the search listings.