How to Hack Twitter

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Twitter is an online social networking site where friends have the option of staying in touch via mobile phones. When a user sends in a mobile text, Twitter sends the message out to friends and posts the text on your personal Twitter web page using a short code. Computer savvy Twitter users tweak the programming allowing others to use hacks for specialized features in Twitter.

Step 1

Share photos and video through Twitter with the Twixxer hack where users upload images and receive a short URL, which links to a large version of the photo. Friends with the Twixxer hack are able to see a thumbnail before going to the larger image.

Step 2

Exchange files with friends in the Mac-based Twitter hack, Twittershare. Send HTML files with embedded video and stop using archaic FTP.

Step 3

Monitor traffic patterns with the useful Commuter Feed Twitter hack. This social hack lets commuters share information on local traffic conditions by contacting a bot with message updates.

Step 4

Show your Twitter updates (tweets) on your Wordpress blog with a plugin hack called MyTwitter.

Step 5

Use the hack, Tweet What You Eat, to keep track of your eating habits and lose weight. Become friends with "TWYE" in Twitter, then send messages with food items you consume. Tweet What You Eat compiles your messages in a daily food diary.