How to Hide But Not Delete Facebook Friends

By Heather Harris

Sometimes when using Facebook, you may want to stop a particular person's posts from appearing in your News Feed, but not entirely unfriend them and lose the ability to communicate with them. Fortunately, you can do exactly that by simply hiding all posts from that person. This will not prevent you from seeing their posts if you go directly do their page, and it will not disable you from interacting with them. It will only prevent the posts from showing in your News Feed.

Step 1

Sign in to your Facebook account.

Step 2

Navigate to the profile page belonging to the user you want to hide, or find a recent post of theirs in your News Feed.

Step 3

Hover your mouse over the upper-right corner of one of their posts, and click the X that appears.

Step 4

Click "Hide all by [person's name]" from the box that appears.