How to Hide Phone Calls From a Phone Record

By Stacey Price

You have a right to your privacy as long as you're not breaking any laws. There may be a number of reasons why you wish to hide your phone calls from your phone records. You may have a nosy roommate or a suspicious spouse. Whatever the reason, there are a few precautionary tasks you will need to complete to ensure the highest security of your phone call records.

Step 1

Call your phone company and tell it you do not want a detailed phone bill. You want to change your bill to a summary statement that will only show a summary of your used minutes and charges instead of a detailed bill that shows every call placed and received.

Step 2

Protect your account by placing a password on it and request the customer service agent not to supply a password reminder in the event you forget the password. Anyone who tries to call the phone company and request information about your phone call records will have to know this password.

Step 3

Deactivate online access of your account by calling customer service. This will prevent anyone from attempting to go online and gaining access to your phone record information online.