How to Hide Texts on an Android

By Jasmine Carpenter

When you want to hide text messages on your Android mobile phone, use a third-party application that will prevent your text messages from displaying on the screen. Look for a software application on Android Market that's compatible with the model of your Android mobile phone. Keep in mind, some applications are free and others charge a fee to use. After you have found an application that you want, install the software on your phone.

Step 1

Open the Web browser on your Android mobile phone. Go to Android Market's website to download an application that will hide text messages on your Android mobile phone. Type "" in the text box and then tap the "Search" button (magnifying glass icon).

Step 2

Tap on the "Gmail" link near the top of the page. Enter your email account information in the appropriate text boxes and tap the "Sign in" button.

Step 3

Scroll down the page and search for a hide text messages application like "Hide Text Invisible," "Hide My SMS/Text Lite" and Private SMS-MMS Box. The applications have various features that will secure your phone by making your text messages invisible.

Step 4

Tap on the "Install" button. If you want to buy an application, tap the "Buy" button. Have your credit card information handy and follow the on-screen instructions for making the purchase.

Step 5

Download the application on your phone. Confirm you want to proceed with the installation by tapping the "OK" button. Follow the on-screen installation instructions. Go to the Application list on your phone. Tap on the icon for the hide text messages application.

Step 6

Use the application features to make your text messages invisible. For instance, if you downloaded "Private SMS-MMS Box" on your Android mobile phone, you will need to use your phone's dialer to open the application. Enter the password number "1234" in the text box and then tap the "OK" button. To change the password, tap the "Settings" button and enter a new password.

Step 7

Create a list of contacts you want to add in the "Private Contact" list. Tap on the "Message" tab. Select a contact and then enter her number in the text box below "Add New Entry." Tap the "Add" button. The text messages for your contact will be moved to the private database. If you want to add more than one contact to the "Private Contact" list, tap the "Continue" button and select another contact. Tap on the "Private Numbers" button to view your list of private contacts.