How to Hide Tweets From People I Follow

By Jonita Davis

Social networking sites such as Twitter have created new opportunities for finding old friends and meeting new ones. Unfortunately, problems are destined to occur when so many different personalities converge. To keep the peace, hide the comments that are sure to incense some of your friends, but others will re-tweet to share the laughs. Twitter doesn't have a one-click hide feature. Fortunately, there is another way.

Use Direct Messages

Step 1

Open your Twitter account and locate the "Message" tab. It is found to the right of the search box near the top of your Twitter home page. Click the tab.

Step 2

Click on "New Message" in the new screen that appears. Locate the button on the left side of the page, but to the right of the word "Messages" near the top of the page.

Step 3

Type the first letter or two of a username. These are the Twitter followers who will receive your message. Anyone left out of the message will not see it.

Step 4

Type your 140 character message and click the "Send" button. Your friends can respond to the message, creating a thread that is hidden from others.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hide your comments from other followers of a particular celebrity or cause by removing the hash-tag, or number symbol, before a keyword or name. The hash-tag allows Twitter users to see any post concerning these favorites that they follow, using the search function. Keep the hash-tags out of your posts to hide your comments from these followers.
  • The hash-tag removal doesn't work when you are commenting in a thread that belongs to the celebrity or cause that you want to hide the comment from. the method is also ineffective in hiding from your own followers.