How to Hide Your Home Address

By Gregory M. Dew

Information broker websites collect personal information like home addresses from a number of sources, including public records. As long as information remains in the public record, keeping the information off the Internet is virtually impossible. However, many of the websites for these information brokers, such as WhitePages, allow individuals to control their information once it has been acquired. An individual can completely remove the listing from the website or restrict how much information, including home address, is shown on the site.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

Step 1

Access the website for WhitePages.

Step 2

Click on "About Us" at the bottom of the page.

Step 3

Click on "What We Do".

Step 4

Click on "Connectory".

Step 5

Type in the information for "name" and "location".

Step 6

Select the appropriate name and location if multiple names are listed.

Step 7

Log in or sign up for a WhitePages account.

Step 8

Remove the home address information from the profile.

Step 9

Confirm the change. The address will then be hidden from public view.

Tips & Warnings

  • WhitePages is one of a number of information broker websites online. Removing an address from WhitePages will not keep the address off the Internet. It is recommended to help limit access to home address information on the internet, obtain a PO Box for use when filling out any forms or applications that may become part of the public record.