How to Highlight One Word in a Cell in Excel

By Craig Witt

Included in the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, Excel is one of the world's most widely used spreadsheet applications. It lets you create one or more spreadsheets filled with tabular data, combine them into collections called workbooks, and supports a wide range of formatting, sorting and formula-generating options. If you want to apply a unique color or text style to one word within a spreadsheet cell, you must first highlight the word before defining your changes. Completing this task takes only a few clicks once you understand the proper steps.

Step 1

Click on the Excel spreadsheet cell containing the word you want to highlight.

Step 2

Look to the Formula Bar, located directly below the collection of menu items near the top of the program window. The Formula Bar is preceded by a pair of characters reading "fx."

Step 3

Click within the Formula Bar to bring up the cursor.

Step 4

Use your mouse to highlight an individual word within the cell. With the word highlighted, you can now apply a unique type face, text style, color or other formatting.