How to Hook a DVD Player Up to a TV

By Christopher Carter

For the most part, DVD players have replaced VCRs as the preferred mechanism used for movie watching. As mentioned on the Crutchfield website, DVD players produce a better picture compared to VCRs. The best method to connect a DVD player to a TV depends on the type of connections on the TV and DVD. The best connection in terms of picture quality from DVD player to TV occurs as a result of using a DVI or HDMI connection. However, DVD players can be connected to the TV just as easily with other connection methods.

Things You'll Need

  • RF modulator (Optional)
  • RCA component cables

Step 1

Assess the connection capabilities on your TV and DVD player. Modern TVs manufactured after 2007 will usually have an assortment of outputs ranging from HDMI to S-Video. As indicated on the All For MP3 website, most DVD players have S-Video output, but all DVD players are equipped with RCA video connection. RCA connections have red, yellow and white colored outputs.

Step 2

Turn off the TV as well as the DVD player. Unplug the power cord to the TV and the DVD player to ensure safety.

Step 3

Connect one end of the yellow RCA composite video output cable to the video input located on your TV. The video input on your TV will appear yellow, which allows you to plug the cable in its proper location. Plug the opposite end of the yellow RCA cable into the DVD player.

Step 4

Plug the red RCA cable into the DVD player. Plug the white RCA cable into the DVD player. The red and white cables represent analog audio output. Connect the opposite ends of the red RCA and white RCA cables into the analog audio on your TV. This connection allows you to hear what is being played in the DVD player. Older TVs that only have a screw-on antenna output will need an RF modulator to connect RCA cables to the TV. This connection allows you to hear what is being played in the DVD player.

Step 5

Plug in power cords for the DVD player and TV. Turn the TV and DVD player on. Use the TV remote to select the appropriate input location for the DVD player.