How to Hook a Sound Bar to a Philips TV

By Jason Artman

The Phillips Sound Bar series is a collection of home theater speakers that connect to televisions made by Phillips and other manufacturers to improve the sound quality of movies and television broadcasts. The Sound Bar models feature a thin horizontal speaker bar for mounting under or in front of the television, and a subwoofer that provides enhanced bass response. Connect the Sound Bar to your television to enjoy expanded range and clarity of sound.

Step 1

Place the Sound Bar unit near the television. Align it with the center of the screen and raise it as close to ear level as possible.

Step 2

Connect one end of the power cable to the back of the Sound Bar and connect the other end to a power outlet. Some Sound Bar models do not connect directly to power; if you do not see a connector for the power cable on the back of the Sound Bar, connect the subwoofer to the power outlet.

Step 3

Connect the two cables from the subwoofer to the "DC In" and "Subwoofer Out" ports on the back of the Sound Bar. If the subwoofer has only one cable, connect it to the "To Subwoofer" port on the back of the Sound Bar.

Step 4

Connect the FM radio antennas to the back of the subwoofer and Sound Bar. The subwoofer has a single antenna port; slide the wire into the center hole of the port. The Sound Bar has two locking ports; lift the plastic tabs for the two ports, slide the two wires of the antenna into the ports and lower the tabs. Skip this step if your Sound Bar model does not use FM antennas to transmit data between the subwoofer and Sound Bar.

Step 5

Lift the back cover of the Sound Bar to expose the audio/video connectors.

Step 6

Connect devices such as DVD players and video game systems to the HDMI or composite inputs on the back of the Sound Bar. If your Sound Bar model has no inputs for auxiliary devices, skip this step.

Step 7

Connect an HDMI cable to your television's "HDMI Out" port and connect the other end to the "HDMI IN" port on the back of the Sound Bar. If your television does not have an HDMI Out port, use the coaxial or composite output ports instead.

Step 8

Press "AV," "HDMI" or "COAX/OPT" on the remote that came with the Sound Bar or on the Sound Bar to play audio from that specific input through the Sound Bar.