How to Hook My iPad to My TV

By Matt McGew

Using the Apple Composite AV Cable, you can connect your iPad to your television. This connection allows you to both display the images and listen to the sounds from your iPad on your television. In other words, by connecting your iPad to your television, you can watch movies, listen to music and make presentations using your iPad on your television.

Things You'll Need

  • Apple Composite AV Cable

Step 1

Connect the Apple Composite AV Cable to your iPad's port.

Step 2

Connect the yellow composite cable to a "Video" input on your television.

Step 3

Connect the red and white composite cables to an "Audio" input on your television. When making the audio connections, match the cables colors to the inputs on your television.

Step 4

Press the "Input" button on your television until you see the image from your iPad displayed on your television.

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