How to Hook Up a PC to HDTV Wirelessly

By Jason Taetsch

You can use the built-in wireless antenna or install a USB wireless adapter to your TV to hook up your HDTV to your PC. Your HDTV is capable of displaying content, digital videos and photos directly from your PC over a wireless network as long the TV features network capabilities. Network-enabled TVs include streaming software to establish a connection between your PC and the TV.

Things You'll Need

  • USB wireless adapter

Step 1

Plug the USB wireless adapter into the USB port on the rear of your TV if it does not feature a built-in wireless antenna.

Step 2

Turn on the TV and press the "Menu" button. Scroll to the "Network" option and press "Enter." Highlight the "Wireless" option and press "Enter." The wireless antenna will search for the network in your home.

Step 3

Scroll to the name of your wireless network and press "Enter." Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the wireless encryption password in the prompt that appears. Highlight the "Done" button and press "Enter" to connect your TV to your wireless network.

Step 4

Insert the software disc that came with your TV into an optical disc drive on your computer. Click the "Next" button in the installer window that appears and click "Install" to install the streaming software to your computer.

Step 5

Open the streaming software and click the name of your TV in the list of devices. Click the "Share" button to allow your TV to access the files on your computer's hard drive. Keep the programming running on your computer.

Step 6

Press the "Menu" button on the TV's remote and scroll to the "Videos" option. Select the folder from your computer in the window that appears and press "Enter." Highlight the video you want to play and press "Enter" to play the video on your TV.

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