How to Hook Up a VCR & a VCR/DVD Recorder Combo to a TV

By James Clark

Modern TV sets are equipped with multiple input jacks for connecting audio-video components like video game systems, DVD/VCR combos and stand-alone VCRs. Each component connects to a separate set of inputs to send the signal from the source device to the TV. When connecting a DVD/VCR recorder combo, you also need to connect with a programming signal for recording to a DVD or videotape, such as a cable TV box or satellite receiver.

Things You'll Need

  • Three audio-video cables
  • Source signal, such as a cable TV or satellite receiver

Step 1

Hook up the three plugs on one end of an AV cable to the output jacks on the source component, such as a cable TV box. Each plug on the cable matches a colored output jack.

Step 2

Connect the three plugs on the other end of the cable to the inputs on the VCR/DVD recorder combo. This cable sends the signal from your source device to the combo unit for recording either to disc or videotape.

Step 3

Attach a second AV cable from the output jacks on the VCR/DVD combo to a set of inputs on your TV. Virtually all TV sets manufactured in the last 25 years have at least two sets of input jacks.

Step 4

Hook up the third AV cable from the output jacks on the back of the stand-alone VCR to a second set of inputs on the TV set.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can dub from the VCR/DVD combo to the standalone VCR by unplugging the combo's cable connections to the TV and connecting the cable instead to the input/record jacks on the standalone VCR. Unplug the cable from the standalone VCR and reconnect to the TV's input jacks when you are finished dubbing.