How to Hook Up a VCR/DVD to a Cable Box and TV

By James Clark

A VCR/DVD component combines two audio devices into one compact unit for watching videotapes or movies on disc. Hooking up this combo unit between a cable box and television makes it possible to record programming on the VCR, or burn shows to a DVD if the combo unit is equipped with a DVD recorder as well. Two sets of composite A/V cables are needed to hook up the equipment.

Things You'll Need

  • Two sets of composite cables

Step 1

Connect the plugs on one set of composite cables to the cable box A/V output jacks. The yellow plug inserts in the video jack; white and red connect to the left and right stereo audio jacks, respectively. Hook up the other ends of the cables to the A/V input jacks on the VCR/DVD component, using the same color codes to match the plugs to the jacks.

Step 2

Plug the ends on a second set of composite cables into the A/V output jacks on the VCR/DVD component. Connect the plugs on the other end to any set of A/V inputs on the back panel of the television. Most TVs have three or more A/V inputs for connecting several different components.

Step 3

Turn on the cable box, VCR/DVD component and TV, then press the "Input" button repeatedly on the TV remote control to activate the jacks connecting the set to the VCR/DVD.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hook up the A/V cables before connecting the components to the electricity.