How to Hook Up a Yamaha Surround Sound System

By James Clark

Yamaha Surround Sound systems are designed to go from the box to the home theater in a matter of minutes. The audio-video receiver is equipped with a built-in DVD or Blu-Ray player. The Surround Sound speakers attach in minutes with standard wiring. A TV is the only component needed to complete the system for watching movies with multi-channel audio in about half an hour.

Things You'll Need

  • Television
  • AV cables
  • Surge protector

Step 1

Place the two front speakers flanking the television and the center channel speaker above or below the TV.

Step 2

Place the rear-channel speakers behind and slightly above the main seating area.

Step 3

Set the side speakers, if using a 7.1 Surround System, at 90-degree angles on each side of the main seating area.

Step 4

Place the subwoofer near, but not directly against, any wall where it won't be in the way.

Step 5

Connect speaker wire to each speaker and the back of the Yamaha receiver, using the terminals labeled for each speaker. The red wire attaches to the positive (red) terminal and the other wire attaches to the black terminal. Lift the spring clips on the back of the speakers and the receiver to reveal holes for inserting the wires.

Step 6

Connect the red, green and blue plugs on a set of component cables from the Video OUT jacks on the Yamaha receiver to the Video IN jacks on the back of a television, matching the color of the plugs to each jack.

Step 7

Plug the power cords for the Yamaha receiver, subwoofer and TV into a surge protector, which can then be plugged into a wall outlet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Work systematically when connecting the speakers to avoid getting the wires crossed. For example, the left front speaker must be connected to the terminal on the back of the receiver for the left front audio channel in order for the Surround Sound to reproduce correctly.
  • Do not connect the system to the power until all the audio-video cables are hooked up.