How to Hook Up Audio to My Insignia LCD TV

By James Clark

An Insignia LCD TV comes with a variety of audio/video jacks for connecting different types of equipment. Insignia sets are equipped with two built-in stereo speakers, but you can expand the TV's sonic range by adding Surround Sound speakers or an extra pair of external stereo speakers. Adding either of these will also require external amplification, because the TV's built-in amp is only powerful enough to operate the factory speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA-type audio cables or RCA to mini-plug Y-adapter
  • Surround Sound speaker system with amplifier or external self-powered stereo speakers

Connecting Insignia LCD to Surround Sound

Step 1

Unplug the Insignia LCD TV and the Surround Sound system from their power sources.

Step 2

Insert the red and white plugs on a set of RCA audio cables into the left and right Audio OUT jacks on the back of the Insignia TV.

Step 3

Connect the plugs on the other ends to the amplifier or receiver Audio IN jacks labeled for a TV or any free set of audio jacks. Make a note of which input is used to connect the TV, because the amp or receiver selector must be set to those jacks to hear the TV.

Hook Up External Audio With Stereo Speakers

Step 1

Insert the plugs on the Y adapter into the left and right audio OUT jacks on the back of the Insignia TV.

Step 2

Connect the cable mini-plug of the right-channel external speaker to the mini-plug jack on the Y-adapter.

Step 3

Plug the cable for the left-channel speaker into the Audio OUT jack on the back of the right-channel speaker. This completes the audio connections between the speakers and the signal from the Insignia TV.

Step 4

Insert the DC power plug into the electrical jack on the back of the right-channel speaker, then connect the transformer on the other end to a wall outlet.

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