How to Hook Up External Audio to My Insignia LCD TV

By James Clark

Insignia LCD televisions are manufactured with a variety of audio/video jacks for connecting electronic components. External audio, such as speakers for a home theater system, can be quickly connected with standard RCA-type cables. When connected to a receiver capable of reproducing surround sound, the Insignia TV can deliver multichannel audio from programs recorded in surround sound. Hooking up external audio to an Insignia also will produce a richer audio experience, since the built-in speakers on most televisions can only create stereo sound with limited amplification.

Things You'll Need

  • Insignia LCD TV
  • Audio/video receiver
  • RCA audio cables
  • Speakers
  • Speaker wire
  • Wire strippers

Step 1

Plug a set of RCA audio cables into the "Audio Out" jacks on the back of the Insignia.

Step 2

Plug the other ends of the cables into the receiver's auxiliary jacks or any unused pair of left and right audio jacks.

Step 3

Connect at least one pair of stereo speakers to the receiver using speaker wire by cutting one-half inch of insulation from the wires and inserting the red wire into the right audio post and the other wire into the left audio post.

Step 4

Turn on the TV and the receiver, then set the receiver selector to auxiliary to hear television programming through the connected external speakers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Connect a second set of speakers for rear-channel audio and a center-channel speaker for dialogue to enjoy richer effects with television programming recorded in surround sound.
  • Turn off all equipment while making the connections.