How to Hook Up Surround Sound to Your Vizio

By Mariah Elaine

Almost all of today's movies and TV programs are made in surround sound and intended to be heard that way, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. To experience surround-sound audio on your Vizio TV, you will need to set up a home-theater system. There are several systems to choose from, including the home-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) option, which is less intimidating to install than some others. A HTiB system is designed with a less complicated setup and includes almost everything you need to hook up surround sound to your Vizio, including an audio/video receiver, DVD player, several speakers and a subwoofer. Following a few basic instructions will quickly reward you with a surround-sound audio experience.

Things You'll Need

  • Home-Theater-in-a-Box (HTiB)
  • Analog audio cable or optical audio cable

Step 1

Ensure that the power is off on your Vizio TV and all the components included with your HTiB system. Position the included receiver near the TV and a power outlet.

Step 2

Locate the video input jacks on the rear of your Vizio TV and connect the included video cable to the video input jack and connect the opposite end of the cable to the "Video Out" jack on your receiver.

Step 3

Connect one end of the analog audio cable to the left and right "TV In" audio ports on your receiver and the other end to the analog "Audio Out" ports on the back of your TV. Plug one end of the optical audio cable into the digital audio output port on the back of your TV and the other end into the "Optical" port on the back of your receiver to obtain the best sound quality, if these connection ports are available on your devices.

Step 4

Insert the bare ends of each speaker cable into the terminals on the rear of each speaker and insert the opposite ends into the corresponding speaker terminals on the back of your receiver.

Step 5

Position the center speaker above or below the TV, at ear level. Position your front, left and right speakers 6 to 9 feet apart and equally distanced from the TV, at the front of the room. Angle each speaker toward your primary listening position.

Step 6

Place the subwoofer on the floor in the front of the room. Plug one end of the subwoofer cable into the jacks on its rear and plug the opposite end into the subwoofer jacks on the back of the receiver.

Step 7

Connect one end of the included RCA stereo cable to the "In" jacks on the rear of the wireless speaker transmitter and the opposite end to the "Wireless Out" jacks on the back of the receiver. Connect the power adapter to the "DC In" outlet on the back of the wireless speaker and plug it into an electrical outlet. Position the wireless speaker directly behind the primary listening position, no higher than ear level.

Step 8

Turn all devices on and consult the HTiB manufacturer instructions to set up and experience your new surround-sound system.

Tips & Warnings

  • Connect to the component video inputs, if your TV has them, for the best picture quality. Purchase the appropriate video cables from an electronics store.
  • Use the speakers that came with your HTiB system only; they are designed to perform best when used with the included receiver.