How to Hook Up the Internet to a TV

By Brian Bores

Stop surfing the web on your small computer screen and start surfing on your TV screen. If your TV has a PC input, you'll have no problem attaching your computer to your TV. A few basic items are needed, but nothing that will cost much. A wireless mouse will make surfing the web on your TV more efficient because you can sit anywhere the mouse gets a signal. Watching online programs and shows on your TV will provide a higher-quality entertainment experience.

Things You'll Need

  • TV owner's manual
  • Computer owners manual
  • VGA cable
  • S-Video cable
  • Wireless mouse


Step 1

Power on both your computer and TV. If you think your computers battery won't last long enough, plug in the adapter.

Step 2

Turn your TV to the PC input. Different models of TVs have different ways of changing inputs. Refer to your TV's specific manual for proper instructions. You won't see anything displayed on the PC input yet because nothing is attached.

Step 3

Attach your computer to your TV with the proper cable. PC inputs on TVs usually require a VGA or S-Video cable. Refer once again to your TV's owner's manual to determine the exact cable needed. The proper cable will plug into the back of most computers, so refer to your computer's owner's manual for the specific location.

Step 4

Adjust the settings on your computer that allow the computer screen to be seen on your TV. Different computers require that different settings be adjusted. Your computer's owner's manual will be able to provide specific instructions.

Step 5

Adjust resolution settings on your computer, if necessary. Your TV screen might be zoomed in or out too much, making the entire picture hard to see. Your computer's owner's manual will also have specific instructions for these adjustments. You should now be able to surf the internet through your TV screen.