How to Hook Up Wireless Headphone Transmitters to TVs

By Ty Wright

Wireless headphones allow you to enjoy the television without disturbing anyone else in the room. With wireless headphones you can extend the range beyond what a cord can reach. You can lie down, walk around or do anything else requiring freedom of movement. Connecting the wireless transmitter to your TV is a simple process; you just have to attach a few cables.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA audio cables

Step 1

Plug the headphone transmitter into the wall. Power it on.

Step 2

Connect the red and white RCA cables to the corresponding red and white inputs of the headphone transmitter.

Step 3

Connect the red and white RCA cables from the headphone transmitter into the corresponding outputs on the TV. If your TV has a headphone jack you can connect the supplied headphone cable directly from the TV headphone jack into the headphone jack of the transmitter.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wireless headphones often have a power switch directly on the headphone itself, separate from the transmitter. Be sure to power on the headphones to receive audio.