How to Hook Up Your Bose System

By Patrick Nelson

Bose makes and sells professional audio products for the home. Systems range from the simplest of iPod docks with speakers, to 5.1 surround sound theater systems. Setup of all Bose systems involves determining the best location for the component, or components and making the connections. Other hook-up requirements can include turning off the internal speakers in your television; and connecting other equipment, including recording, playback or digital audio components.

Step 1

Determine the best location for the equipment. Place small speakers straight ahead on either side of the television. The woofer is not directional, so it can go anywhere in the room -- positioning may be determined by wire length available. Wire length also determines that the control head should be in or around the television credenza. Small iPod docks can go anywhere, but you will need a power outlet.

Step 2

Make the connections. Insert the speaker wires into the jacks on the back of the main control unit following the labeling. Insert the plug and tighten the screws on either side of the plug. At the other end, plug the cable into the jacks on the speakers. Follow the left and right label designation.

Step 3

Repeat this connecting with any other speakers -- like rear speakers, for example. Connect the television to the “Video Out” jack and connect any antennas. Finally, make the power connection by plugging the Bose control unit into the wall.

Step 4

Turn off the internal speakers on your television. Use the television’s remote control to enter the “Setup” area of the television and look for a setting like “Internal Speakers.” Turn this to “Off.”

Step 5

Add any further equipment like DVD players for playback or recording using the jacks on the Bose equipment. Use the jack marked “Optical” for high-quality digital audio components.