How to Identify a Restricted Number

By Shelley Smith

In the era of incredible cell phone use, caller identification is a standard feature. As a result, most users want all incoming numbers revealed. There are additional ways, besides caller identification, to identify numbers that are restricted, anonymous or private. Both home telephones and cellular phones have usage codes or numbers that you dial to allow incoming calls to be identified.

Step 1

Identify restricted, private, unavailable and unknown numbers by adding a privacy director feature to your phone. This feature accompanies the caller identification feature and is activated by calling your service provider. With the privacy director, the caller must announce a name or company and in turn, you can accept or reject the call.

Step 2

Add another feature, such as Anonymous Call Rejection, that automatically rejects restricted and anonymous calls. You can activate this feature by dialing *77 and you can deactivate the feature by dialing *87. If the caller wants to get through to contact you, he must hang up and call back and reveal the restricted number.

Step 3

Use the call trace feature to trace incoming calls. This feature can be activated by dialing *57, and the last number that called you will be revealed.

Step 4

Dial *69 right after you receive a restricted phone number. This activates your call return feature, which, in some cases, identifies the last incoming call.

Tips & Warnings

  • Realize that some restricted numbers that you uncover will be nuisance calls or international calls.