How to Identify a Spy on My Cell Phone

By Sam Kessler

In an era of technological advances and increasing abilities to keep tabs on one another, it is becoming more apparent that we are creating a society where privacy is a rare commodity. With the increase in spy technology in the information age, more people are beginning to find out that they are not alone when they seek or think they are in solitude. Chances are that there is some sort of big brother figure keeping tabs on them for whatever reason. One of the most common methods of this type of invasion is via our cell phones. However, there are signs to figure out if your cell phone is being bugged.

Step 1

Phone will not turn off the way it normally does, which indicates that another person is logged in.

Step 2

You hear man-made sounds, such as odd background noises or a click.

Step 3

Phone lights up for no reason at all, which could indicate that the eavesdropper has called in to hear what you are doing in real time.

Step 4

Indicators don't start occurring until the cell phone is temporarily in the hands of someone else.

Tips & Warnings

  • Surveillance companies offer bug detectors, however, the most effective method of getting rid of the eavesdropper is by going to your cell phone provider and getting them to restore it to factory settings. This will delete hidden spy software that the eavesdropper is using to spy on your activities.