How to Import a Photo from an SD Card into Windows Photo Gallery

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An SD card sticking out of a digital camera
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Most digital cameras store pictures on a secure digital (SD) memory card. The SD will typically hold a large quantity of digital pictures before it becomes full. It's easy to import stored pictures from your SD card to Windows Photo Gallery.


Step 1

Remove the SD card from the camera and slide it into a memory card reader. It will be necessary to purchase a memory card reader that fits your specific SD card. Once the SD card is inserted, plug the memory card reader into the USB port on your computer. Some computers have memory card readers built directly into them. If your computer has this feature, simply insert the memory card directly into this port.


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Step 2

Wait for a few moments while Windows automatically recognizes the SD card. Once the AutoPlay dialog box opens, select the "Import pictures using Windows" option from the list. Wait a few moments while Windows locates the pictures on the memory card.

Step 3

Give your pictures a tag to identify them easily in the future. Windows will open a box called "Tag These Pictures"; type your tag into the text box. The tag can be a word or a short phrase that describes the group of pictures you are importing. Keep in mind that tags are optional. If you do not want to tag your pictures, simply leave the box blank. When you are finished tagging, click the "Import" button.


Step 4

Choose whether you want to erase the pictures from your SD card once they have been imported to your computer. Windows will open a status box as it is importing the pictures. If you choose to erase the pictures from your memory card, check the box next to the option "Erase after importing."


Step 5

Wait for a few moments while Windows automatically opens the Windows Photo Gallery. This program will open as soon as all of the pictures have been imported from the SD card to the computer. Once the program is open, you will be able to view, edit, share, and print your pictures.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Windows

  • Digital camera

  • Memory card

  • USB cable

  • Memory card reader