How to Import Documents to Your iPad 2

By Michael Porto

Importing documents from your home computer to your iPad 2 can be very useful if you are someone that constantly needs to transfer files. The process of taking an existing spreadsheet, word document or presentation and uploading it to your device is quite simple. In order to create new documents on your iPad 2, you use a program called Pages; however when you upload a new document, you will need to use iTunes to convert your file so it can be opened using Pages. Keeping the file formats the same is important when it comes to importing documents from a computer to your iPad 2.

Step 1

Connect the iPad to your computer using the standard USB connection that comes with the device.

Step 2

Open iTunes on your computer and select your iPad from the "Devices" list on the left hand side.

Step 3

Select the "Apps" tab at the top of the menu and scroll down to the section called "File Sharing."

Step 4

Select "Pages" on the left side of the screen to bring up a list of all documents that default to Pages on your iPad. There will be one default file that you can delete later.

Step 5

Hit "Add" to start the process of importing a file from your computer to your iPad.

Step 6

Browse your computer for the file you wish to transfer and hit "Choose" when selected. You will notice that the new file appears in the "Pages Documents" tab next to the default file. This is where you can locate all files that you import to your iPad 2.