How to Import Emoticons With Microsoft Office Communicator

By Jason Jensen

Emoticons are computer icons that display different facial expressions designed to convey various emotions. The most commonly used examples of emoticons are the classic smiley and sad faces, typically included in a text message or at the tail end of a micro-blog post. Emoticons are also frequently inserted in instant messages (IMs). IM clients, like Microsoft Office Communicator, come with a library of emoticons that you can import to an IM.

Step 1

Open Communicator and click on the "Instant message settings" button.

Step 2

Click the checkbox next to "Show emoticons in instant messages," then click "Apply."

Step 3

Start a new IM conversation. Click on the smiley face icon, then click on an emoticon to select and import it. You can insert the emoticon before or after text.

Step 4

Click "Send" or press "Enter" to send the emoticon to the recipient.