How to Import Photos From a Cell Phone

By Heather Robson

Cell phone cameras have become ubiquitous. If you carry a cell phone with you, most models allow you take pictures. This means you can capture those special, spontaneous moments in life—fun with friends, unexpected events and those moments you have to see to believe.Whether you’re capturing memories or proof of an event, you may have limited sharing options as long as the image is on your phone. Fortunately, most phones allow you to transfer photos from the phone’s memory onto your computer. From your computer you can post your images online or share them through email.

Move Photos from Your Phone to Your Computer

Step 1

Determine whether the phone can network with your computer directly through a docking device or cable, or if you’ll need to remove the phone’s memory card to make the transfer. For phones that connect via cable, a sync cable usually comes with the phone when you purchase it. One end of the cable will connect to the computer’s USB port while the other end connects to the phone using proprietary hardware.

Step 2

Connect your phone to your computer, or remove the phone’s memory card and insert it into the corresponding port on the computer. Different cards use different kinds of ports, so connect your card to the port that it fits into.

Step 3

Look in your computer's file organizer to locate the phone or memory card. The memory card will show up as an external drive. Click on the device to open its contents.

Step 4

Locate the folder containing your photos, then make a copy of it to your hard drive to save your photos onto your computer. You may also import photos using a program such as Vista Photo Gallery or iPhoto.

Step 5

Choose whether or not to delete the photos from your phone’s memory. Deleting the photos will free up memory space, but will also eliminate one backup source of your photos. If you do choose to delete your photos, consider backing them up to an external hard drive or disc.

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