How to Improve Apple TV Stability

By John Mitchell

You can improve the stability and performance of your Apple TV device by checking a few things. The device can become unstable when the firmware is out of date, the wireless Internet signal is weak or the audio-visual cables are not properly connected. All of these components may negatively effect the Apple TV's stability, which also has a direct correlation on performance.

Step 1

Unplug all cables and wires from the back of the Apple TV unit, then plug those same cables and wires back into the correct spots. Make sure the cables are firmly inserted into the appropriate holes, so a stable connection is established between the other electrical components.

Step 2

Turn on your television set and go to the input channel that the Apple TV unit is connected to. You should see the main Apple TV screen.

Step 3

Update the Apple TV firmware. To do this, press the "Menu" button on the Apple remote, then scroll to the "Settings" section and press the middle select button. On the next screen, scroll over to the "General" option and select it.

Step 4

Press the remote's "Select" button again while the "Update Software" option is highlighted. Apple TV checks for a recent update for your device. If it is found, you'll be prompted to install it. Press the "Select" button while highlighting "Download and Install" or "Download Now." The device is now updated.

Step 5

Reset the Apple TV to improve stability. Simultaneously press the "Menu" and "Down" buttons on the remote for at least six seconds. The device will turn off, then back on again, resetting itself.

Step 6

Check the wireless Internet connection by going to the modem and router. To improve stability of your Internet connection, you may need to turn off the modem, then power it back on. Wait for it fully turn back on before checking the connection speed with a wireless device.