How to Improve Television Antenna Reception

By Laurie Brown

A television antenna system has three major parts: the antenna itself, the cable running from the antenna to the TV, and any splitters that may be being used to connect multiple televisions to one antenna. Over time the outdoor elements can deteriorate the connections or equipment, causing the signal strength to drop. Also, obstacles might block the signals from reaching your antenna. Addressing each of these factors will improve the overall reception of your antenna.

Things You'll Need

  • Pliers
  • Wire brush
  • 1 tube of RTV clear sealant
  • Hedge trimmer (if needed)
  • Outdoor yard saw (if needed)

Step 1

Check the splitter for any rust or corrosion where the antenna cable is screwed into the splitter. Unscrew the cable connector from the splitter using the pliers. Using the wire brush, brush away any oxidation or rust that may have built up on the male connector on the cable and the female connector on the splitter. Once cleaned, screw the male cable connector back in place to the female connector on the splitter. Repeat this step for any additional cables connected to the splitter.

Step 2

Check the connection of the cable to the balun on the TV antenna. Unscrew the cable connector and use the wire brush to brush way any corrosion on the two connectors and screw them back together once they are clean.

Step 3

Inspect the cable as it runs between the antenna and the splitter for signs of any damage. If the cable is damaged, replace the full run of cable from the antenna to the splitter.

Step 4

Apply RTV clear sealant to the connection of the cable to the balun and smear it around the fittings to help keep moisture from getting inside the connectors.

Step 5

Check the antenna for any bent or folded elements and straighten them as needed. The antenna elements are designed to pull in the broadcast signals.

Step 6

Trim any hedges or tree limbs that may be obstructing the front of the antenna from receiving the broadcast signals.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use caution when trimming any tree limbs, as they could cause serious injury if allowed to fall on anyone.