How to Improve the Reception on a Cell Phone in a Remote Area

By Karen Kramer

Since Martin Cooper of Motorola created the first cell phone back in 1973, cell phone users have hunted the airwaves for a clear signal. As cell phone use continues to increase, cell phone carriers like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have increased their network of signal towers; however, many remote areas still lack an adequate signal.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone antenna or wireless booster

Step 1

Ask cell phone carriers for maps and information on their signal strength in the area you will be using your cell phone the most. Each cell phone carrier has its own network of signal towers. Signal strength is based on your proximity to the signal tower. Choose the carrier that has the highest signal strength and most towers in your area.

Step 2

Charge your batteries. Keeping your cell phone fully charged will help boost your signal and stop those low battery interruptions.

Step 3

Move to an area without large obstructions. Avoid heavily wooded areas or closed-in areas.

Step 4

Connect an external cell phone antenna to your cell phones RF port. If your cell phone does not have an RF port, you may need to purchase a wireless amplifier/repeater. Check with your cell phone provider for models that are compatible with your phone.