How to Increase Gmail Attachment Size

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Gmail, or Google's email program, is leading the way in providing users with everything they need to easily manage their email. Gmail allows for attachments currently. Most people who have Gmail will have an account that automatically increases in size and storage space. Attachment size may also be expanded. As Gmail grows in popularity, keep an eye out for new features.

Step 1

Log into your Gmail account using your username and password. If you are regularly signed in automatically, sign out then sign back in for a fresh page. Gmail accounts have a setting page, with a link to it at the top of your Gmail screen, on the top right.

Step 2

Upgrade your Gmail account if you don't have the latest version. If you are unsure if you do have the latest version, check your settings page. A link at the top of the page will say "old version" if you have the newest version available. Upgrading your Gmail account may be done automatically for some users, unless you have specified otherwise.

Step 3

Send and receive messages of up to 20 MB with the upgraded version of Gmail. Remember that the size of your document will depend on the size of the file plus any automatically added transport encodings. If your attachment is larger than 17 MB, this may cause the message to stall out, since the entire size may be over the maximum allowed.

Step 4

Know who you're sending email to. Bounced back attachments that do not go through may also be caused by the receiver of the message (and their email account limit for attachments.) When this happens, invite the user to test out a new Gmail account for themselves, since Gmail's attachment sizes are some of the largest allowable.

Step 5

Look for new updates and regular upgrades, since Google and Gmail are always looking for ways to increase storage and attachment size in their email program.