How to Increase Outlook Space

By Felix Ofiwe

Most individuals and businesses use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email messages, manage contacts and schedule their activities daily. It’s considered easy to use and stable. Occasionally you may receive a warning message informing you that you’re nearing your storage limit. When this happens, Outlook will prevent you from sending emails until you clear up enough space. This is troublesome if you have important messages to send.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Outlook software

Step 1

Delete old and unnecessary email messages. Open Outlook, click on Inbox folder, scroll through your email messages, highlight old messages and hit Delete. To delete all messages, click Edit, Select All, then hit Delete. To delete selected messages, click on a message, hold down Control key (Ctrl) and click on other messages you wish to delete. Hit Delete.

Step 2

Clean up Sent folder. Anytime you send a message Outlook stores a copy in your Sent folder and messages in your Sent folder count towards your quota. Open your Sent folder and delete messages following steps outlined in Step 1 above.

Step 3

Delete Calendar items. Open your Calendar folder, click View, Current View and Events. To select items to delete, click on the oldest appointment you wish to delete, scroll through the list, hold down Shift key on your Keyboard and click on the last message you want to delete. Hit Delete on your Keyboard or click the Delete icon on your toolbar.

Step 4

Archive your Microsoft Outlook email messages. Right-click your Inbox or any subdirectory, click AutoArchive and select the Archive This Folder Using These Settings radio button. Decide where to store the archived messages on your system. Click File, select Archive, click Archive All Folders According To Their AutoArchive Settings. Click Ok.

Step 5

Remove attachments from your email. Attachments from friends or co-workers can add up quickly and eat up your space allocation. Remove and save them as separate files. Microsoft Outlook add-on Attachment Save will strip your attachments from your email messages and save them in a different folder as they arrive in your Outlook Inbox. Download Attachment Save and install. See Resources below for more information.

Step 6

Check Outlook mailbox size. Right-click your Personal Folders, then click Folder Size button. This will tell you how much space you saved. If you need more space, repeat Step 4 and tweak your AutoArchive settings until you reach your goal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Auto archiving your Outlook email messages regularly can save you a lot of headache. You can set up your Outlook to archive your messages automatically.
  • If you delete some events from your Calendar that you want to keep, go to Deleted Items folder, select and drag them back into your Calendar.
  • Allowing your email messages to pile up in your Outlook email can cause Microsoft Outlook to behave erratically. If your Inbox is not acting right, increase storage space in Outlook and you will notice a difference.