How to Increase Text Size in Mozilla Firefox

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Only a few different fonts make up the majority of text in most webpages. Often webpages become distorted as the page is viewed on higher resolutions or in different aspects than the designer intended. In this case, you can change the font size of your browser. This is also a godsend for people who have to look at a screen all day or who have failing eyes.

Step 1

Open the "View" menu in Firefox.

Step 2

Scroll down to "Text Size." This opens a submenu where you can increase or decrease your browser's default font size. There's also a "Normal" option, which will take the screen fonts back to their original size.

Step 3

Add "Increase," "Decrease" and "Normal" font size buttons to your toolbar by browsing to the Mozilla add-ons page.

Step 4

Search for and download "Text Size Toolbar." This add-on will place three buttons onto your Firefox toolbar that mimic the buttons in the View menu.

Tips & Warnings

  • When downloading from the Mozilla add-on site, you may receive a security error. This file, and all the Mozilla add-ons, are safe to download as long as they come directly from the Mozilla site.